There are different types of page headers, some of them with style variations:

  1. Text
    The text header is simply showing text on background color. Check out the header above for an example
  2. Key visual
    This header type shows content on a background image. There are multiple settings and you can add buttons or widgets to create unique key visuals. Examples are:
    Key visual: Small
    Key visual: Medium
    Key visual: Large
  3. Donation CTA
    The Donation CTA is similar to the key visual and displays an additional donation widget to feature donation pages.
  4. Video
    This header displays a video in the header section. Supported video types are YouTube, Vimeo and GIF.
  5. Split view
    This header type has two featured areas and shows them next to each other.
  6. Other donation related headers
    Donation related pages have their own unique header types that are displayed automatically:
    Donation checkout
    Donation confirmation
  7. Sponsorship header types
    Also all sponsorship related page types have specific headers:
    – Sponsorship page
    Sponsorship overview
    Sponsorship checkout
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